Daily activities
Typically, a Site Manager and project technicians work at the project site.

The Site Manager oversees maintenance and the ordering of spare parts and equipment, and communicates with landowners, the local electric utility, and state and local government officials.  The Site Manager also verifies that the solar project is in good operating condition and performing according to expectations.

In addition to the on-site team, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) equipment allows electronic monitoring of the performance and condition of the project. The SCADA system monitors the status and output of the solar panels and the project’s electrical deliveries to the utility grid.  For example, if a group of panels is not producing power, the SCADA system may be able to diagnose the problem.

Maintenance and repair

Preventive planned maintenance is performed on a regular basis.  It may include visual inspection or testing of: the electricity inverter, solar panels, mounting system, and electrical connections.  Panels may also be washed periodically, depending on dust, rainfall and other factors.

Warranties are obtained on solar panels and other parts and supplies, including repaired and replacement parts, for time periods agreed upon with the manufacturer or supplier.

Risk Management
Insurance policies are also obtained to cover risk of liability to third parties and damage to property.